FibreOP - connects the fibre-optic network right to your home

So you can do so much more - but don't just take our word for it:

Fibre-optics right to your home

Enjoy the fastest internet now and in the future:

  • Leading-edge FibreOP technology
  • The network with virtually unlimited capacity for growth 

The fastest overall internet

  • Fast internet for the whole household
    • Netflix ranks FibreOP the best in Northern Ontario1  
      See Netflix speed index
    • YouTube HD Verified.  Learn more 
    • #1 for customers' overall internet satisfaction, speed, consistency and reliability of signal2
  • No usage caps or fees
  • FREE3 fast and powerful Wi-Fi

The best TV experience

  • #1 in TV Picture quality2
  • Incredible Whole Home PVR
  • Easy-to-use guide
  • The most HD on-demand
  • Amazing apps - only with FibreOP

Save when you bundle FibreOP TV, internet and home phone


  • Fast internet
  • The best TV experience
  • Home Phone with popular calling features